Specialists in Web Design/Development and Product Innovation

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What we do

Our team builds websites, progressive web applications, mobile apps and desktop apps for a wide variety of industries.

• Static websites
• Content management sytems
• Multi-lingual/multi-domain platforms
• Educational games
• Recruitment platforms
• Event engagement platforms

Our team has a wealth of experience from over 1,500 jobs in 13 years, providing development, training and consulting.

We have a network of trusted specialists and advisors we call upon to provide industry expertise when we need it, covering:

• CyberSecurity
• Bitcoin
• Financial Services
• Compliance
• Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
• IoT and Big Data

How we work

Project/Account Managers

Our project/account managers and team leaders provide a full service product/project delivery experience based on open-source web-based technologies and industry best practices.

Throughout 2019, our team will also be integrating in-house CyberSecurity experience into our products and services, where appropriate, and continuing our training in Machine Learning and Python!

Our Lifecycle

Our team will walk you through the many phases of project scoping and delivery, covering a number of disciplines from business/competitor analysis to web/social content strategy, design to development and APIs to Security and Cyber Insurance

Customer Experience, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, etc

Design is a loosely defined term. Our designers will work with you to map out your product's experience, including how it looks, sounds, feels and reacts when your customers interact with it.

Our Backend Team and Technologies

Our team specialises in the latest versions of PHP and Node.JS, often utilising them together to solve complex scaling and processing requirements.

They can work with a number of popular frameworks from Wordpress, Magento, Laravel and Symfony to some lesser known frameworks, depending on what your project dictates.

Our Frontend Team and Technologies

Our frontend developers love HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our team has experience writing Vanilla JS as well popular libraries, such as jQuery, Angular and React.

We also appreciate the benefits of clean, minimalistic, semantic markup and SEO/mobile-friendly/offline-first PWA development.

Security and Performance

Our team members are familiar with crossing over disciplines and working together to ensure the projects we deliver have security, accessibility and performance factored in at the start and carried through the entire project lifecycle.

Check out one of our recent projects

QIXY (Launching in 2019)

Qixy event apps launch with one tap and give you access to powerful polling, Q&A, feedback and sharing tools.


• Engage attendees before, during, and after your events
• Increase feedback rates for sessions and events
• Generate new sponsor revenue


• Accelerate data collection and marketing list growth
• Sweeten your pitches by including a Qixy app in the deal
• Generate new sponsor revenue


• Turn audience queries into conversations with real-time Q&A
• Display POLLING results live on stage and on audience devices
• Gather FEEDBACK for instant insights into audience preferences


Our team delivered and support this progressive web application using a combination of PHP7 and Node.js with Socket.io. The real-time engagement platform features hash tag integration, eventbrite intgration, payment integration, real time chat and QR Code deep-linking, among many other features.

We strive to have high performance, secure products and QIXY's large feature set and strict load times was a challenge our team enjoyed conquering!

Book your test drive and try it out yourself!

Qixy: Engage your audience like never before


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01752 559209

or by email on:

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